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Nice! You made it to my "about" page, and well here it goes! I am currently working for a candle making supplier in Durham, NC. I have no title as I happily do many things there, but more strictly I deal with computers; thus making me sort of an "IT" person. I've been teaching my self Python for about a year and half while trying to break into the realm of web developing.

When you are the jack of all trades (*cough* *cough*) you usually tend to be the master of none (*sad face*) -unless you are a genius.I did however started at the bottom and slowly but surely built my skill set to where I am today. I have experience in logistics, having worked in the field for 3 years, you can check my linkedin for more info.

I picked up Python to automate some of the work that I do, but also because I found out that programming is an extremely rewarding and joyous experience. I currently attend Wake Technical Community College(Wake Tech) pursuing an AAS in Computer Programming, although my ultimate goal is to eventually attend NC State for Computer Science. In all honesty if I could get paid to go to school I most certainly would.

As for the design, I took a different route than what I had built in Codepen here (terrible I know). I tried to be edgy and build a colorful website, but it did not turn out the way I had it pictured. This design is easier on the eyes and leverages Bootstrap's responsive design using Flask-bootstrap plugin as the skeleton, which allows me to do template inheritance.

I built this website using Flask, Bootstrap, and some of my own CSS taking inspiration from Miguel's personal blog site and also Brandur whose approach is "to emphasize content through typography, whitespace, and clean lines". On which Python framework to pick, I went with with Flask due to its minimalistic and "one drop at a time.." approach, allowing me to really be in control of what I was coding and see exactly what it's doing.

What brought all this together was Flask Web Development by Miguel Grinberg (If you ever read this THANKS MIGUEL!). And my hard work :)