The Now!

As of August 2017:

Finishing School:
I have three semesters left to finish my AAS in Computer Programming. My goal is not to stop here but to transfer to a 4 year College
Adding to my github:
You can look at the work in progress under "palletstore" in my github. The purpose of "palletstore" is to:
  • Find and store newly arrived inventory by automatically finding an empty location
    and time stamp the product with the date the storing occurred.
  • Find and retrieve currently stored inventory in a specific location by looking at its date.
Why is this important when storing inventory? If you work in a warehouse or any place that stores products that have a shelf life, you do want to retrieve the product with the oldest date first so that it can be used before the newly stored product. At one point in my work life, I was part of a kitchen staff and I had to be mindful of which ingredients to use first. Do I use the freshly arrive tomatoes or do I used the "older" tomatoes?
Udacity Full Stack Foundation:
I am 1/3 finished with this course. My hope is to finish this by the end of this year if time allows me to do so.
When there is time:
I like to take the opportunity and volunteer at the The Salvation Army an organization very dear to me.
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