Hello World!

Nice! You made it to my "about" page and well here it goes! I am currently working for a candle making supplier in Durham, NC. My current title is "IT System Administrator" -I'm not much of a title person- my job requires me to take care of the company's hardware that is: switches, routers, APs, desktop pc, laptops, printers (Monochrome, thermal and industrial labeling), security camera installation etc. On the software side of things, I script, automate, update, program and keep things safe :). Lately, my focus has been cyber security, including making sure everyone turns on their two-factor authentication! Some of the technologies I work with are: Python, Ubiquiti Unifi, NiceLabel, Endicia, WorldShip, VPNs and much more!

A while ago I picked up Python to automate some of the work that I do, I also discovered that programming is an extremely rewarding and fulfilling experience that has taught me how to channel my energy towards a goal. I'm currently attending Wake Technical Community College (Wake Tech) pursuing an AAS in Computer Programming, I'm also in the process of earning a few industry certificates such as: Networking+, Linux+ and Security+ from compTIA.

I built this site to put my name out there and to showcase some of my "work." As for the design of this site, I took a different approach than what I had built in Codepen here (terrible I know). I tried to be edgy and build a colorful website, but it did not turn out the way I had thought of it.

I built this website using Flask, Bootstrap and some of my own CSS taking inspiration from Miguel Grinberg's personal blog site and Brandur whose approach is "to emphasize content through typography, whitespace, and clean lines". On which Python framework to pick, I went with Flask due to its minimalistic and "one drop at a time.." approach, allowing me to really be in control of what I was coding and see exactly what it's doing.

What brought all this together was Flask Web Development by Miguel Grinberg (If you ever read this THANKS MIGUEL!). And my hard work of course :)